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Sunara Dog Training offers six levels of Agility training:

Foundation Agility: the basics

This class covers the basics of agility handling, cues, direction changes, sit-stay, body awareness, and developing teamwork between dog and handler. While handlers are introduced to equipment, most of this class is groundwork.

Dogs must be at least 6 months old.

Agility I

In this class dogs are introduced to equipment and we continue to learn handling cues. Focus is on building comfort and confidence with the agility equipment.

Dogs under 1 year of age may enter this class, but will not jump.

Successful completion of the Foundation Agility class or equivalent is required.

Agility II

In this class dogs learn control on obstacles while we continue to work on handling skills and build teamwork. Emphasis is on reliable contacts, imrproving weave poles, short sequences, and applying handling skills.

Successful completion of Agility I or equivalent is required.

Agility III

This class focuses on improving handling skills and obstacle performance. Dogs and handlers work on navigating sequences of obstacles, improving contacts and weave poles, and building towards competition level.

Successful completion of Agility II or equivalent is required.

Competition Agility (6 poles)

This class focuses on improving handling skills and obstacle performance. Dogs and handlers in this class run novice and open level sequences/courses, with focus on choosing the best path. Dogs in this class can successfully execute 6 weave poles.

Successful completion of Agility III or equivalent is required.

Advanced Competition Agility (12 poles)

This class is for handlers and dogs that can successfully execute 12 weave poles and are at the competition level. This class focuses on fine tuning handling and obstacle performance, while increasing speed.

Successful completion of Competition Agility or equivalent is required.

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a new and quickly growing game that allows your dog to indulge in his prey drive. Dogs hunt for a rat hidden inside a hay bale maze. Any dog of any age can play as long as they can fit through an 18" wide by bale-height tall tunnel. Many of the rats used are family pets and are kept safe inside a plastic aerated tube.


In this class, you will learn the skills you need to enter the ring with confidence. Learn to stack your dog, stand to let a judge examine your dog, walk/run and navigate your way around the ring, and show your dog in the best possible way.


Family Pet Obedience

Have fun building a bond with your family dog while provide a solid foundation for behaving at home and in public.

Beginning Obedience

For those looking to build good foundation skills with their dog and possibly continue on in obedience competitions or other events.


Have fun and bond with your dog while learning to successfully complete a Rally-O course.

Successful completion of Basic Obedience or equivalent required.


Have fun and bond with your dog while learning the sport of Treibball. Dogs will learn the necessary skills needed to circle behind and push balls into a goal. Hearding without the livestock.

Purchase of appropriately sized ball(s) will be necessary. This will be discussed in class.