About Papillons


These dogs are happy, alert, and friendly little bundles of fur. Paps can be very active dogs and can excel in many things from obedience to agility and to just relaxing at home. They are good with children but can also be happy staking a claim to their on and only human.


Weight      5-10lbs

Height       8-11inches

Lifespan    14-16years


Papillons have a longer coat that will require occasional combing.

For Sale

Fletcher - SOLD


Picture is of them at 10 weeks old.

Echo - SOLD


Echo is a busy girl that would be best suited for an agility home or a home with children.

Sander - SOLD


A laid back boy who will cuddle with you but once on the ground he likes to be active. He would be a good companion to take on long walks.

Would be great for a pet home or active person(s). 

Pictures are of them at 5 1/2 weeks old

Check out the page on Our Litters to learn about mom and dad

Shammy - SOLD